I am dreading going to sleep because next week is hell, especially since I now, for the next six months, is the only one able to legally drive a car in this house… with soccer practices, meetings, piano lessons, swimming lessons and Norwegian courses coming up – and only me to take anyone anywhere – well that makes it rough…

BUT tomorrow I go back to excersising every single weekday at the hospital, which is ok, and I feel good afterwards!!! Only 11 weeks of the research project to go before I hopefull will be in better shape than at the start of the project.

Time to crash – have a great week!


And did they go well?

I am lecturing on Dryzek´s Politics of the Earth: http://www.amazon.com/Politics-Earth-Environmental-Discourses/dp/0199277397 – and I am actually liking it now after two years of teachin it! It is quite special to read the different methods of talking, writing and disemminating topics based on your background – and how you interpret things.

Well… on my first lecture, I think half the class fell asleep but apart for that they were great – I wish I could write more about the topic without making the lot of you fall asleep as well – but I wont attempt that. Enough to say that I spoke about Environmental Discourses and used redfeed (my plankton) and New Orleans (hurricane Katrina and the BP oil scandal) as vivid examples and I hope it was interesting enough!

I am actually quite enjoying the rush of lecturing though and I hope I get the chance to do it more in the future also… I have a couple of lectures left and I am so happy I have been given the trust to do it!